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Indian Society of Outer Space Utilization
Indian Society of Outer Space Utilization
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"Indian Society of Outer Space Utilization (ISOSU)" is an All India registered body under "The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act,1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975)", its registration number is S. No SRG/Chennai South/260/2023. The registered office of the Society shall be located at the NCCRD building, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai – 600 036, India.

The objectives of ISOSU:

  1. To share knowledge and information in the field of outer space science and technologies for extraterrestrial activities through periodical meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, symposiums, Summit and similar activities.
  2. To establish databank and be the custodian of space borne data and information.
  3. To serve as a resource center, think tank, and to provide leadership in various aspects of advanced outer space technologies by facilitating effective public policymaking.
  4. To emphasize the significance of understanding gravity's role in biological and physical systems in terrestrial and outer space environments.
  5. To publish information about gravitational outer space research and applying it to the solution of terrestrial and space problems.
  6. To engage students in the opportunities and challenges of outer space engineering.
  7. To establish and award prizes, fellowships, scholarships, travel grants, and other forms of support to students, research scholars, and other researchers in order to encourage them to pursue scientific pursuits related to the society's goals.
  8. To recognize the urgent need to develop a coherent and consistent strategy for outer space development and effective utilization in order to keep up.
  9. To increase public awareness of outer space technology through outreach programmers and other means of information dissemination.
  10. To empower increased public access and resource sharing for the use of outer space borne data, outer space-enabled services, and outer space-related facilities.
  11. To establish and nurture links with industry, including public-private partnerships, in order to build capacity for supporting space manufacturing technology R&D at multiple levels, including collaborative research for the development and implementation of projects involving industry.
  12. To advance, evolve, and encourage participation in microgravity and partial gravity research.
  13. To improve civilization beyond Earth, to develop outer space applications, and to use the resources obtained to create a promising and profitable future for humanity.
  14. To disseminate scientific and technical information of interest to members by publication of periodicals, reports, and conference proceedings.
  15. To collaborate with leading national, international institutions and other societies in the field of microgravity with the goal of sharing technology, personnel, resources, and work output, and to set up, operate, and maintain facilities in its own premises and/or the premises of collaborating institutions as needed.
  16. To establish, set up, operate, manage, and run labs and other facilities for conducting research and development and providing R & D services to the outer space technology and associated sectors, thereby enabling Indian industry to keep innovating.
  17. To undertake and engage in such other activities which are incidental and ancillary to the above objectives.

Amit Kumar


Sathyan Subbiah


R Velmurugan


T M Muruganandham

Executive Committee Member

Murugaiyan Amirthalingam

Executive Committee Member

S Sankaran

Executive Committee Member

Shaligram Tiwari

Executive Committee Member

N Arunachalam

Executive Committee Member

S V Diwakar

Executive Committee Member

Satyanarayanan R Chakravarthy

Executive Committee Member

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